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Four laning of Kallagam-Karuppur from Km 38.700 to Km 50.382 & Two laning with Paved Shoulders from Karuppur-Meensurutti from Km. 50.382 to Km. 98.433 of NH-227 in the State of Tamil Nadu under NHDP Phase IV on DBOT/HAM basis

Kallagam-Meensurutti Highway Private Limited


OSE Commercial Block,Asset 5B, Aero City,

Hospitality District,IGI Airport, New Delhi – 110 037

National Highways Authority of India


National Highways Authority of India

New Delhi–110075

Independent Engineer:

M/s K & J Projects private limited

SHIVAM, 16 NIT Layout, Ravi Nagar, Nagpur 440033, Maharashtra

EPC Contractor:

Oriental Structural Engineers  Pvt. Ltd.
OSE Commercial Block,  Asses 5 B, Aero city, Hospitality District, IGI Airport, New Delhi – 110037

KKM Project Location Map

KKM Project Location Map


The Government of India had entrusted with National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) with the development, maintenance, and management of National Highway No. 227 including the Section from KM 38.700 to KM 98.433. NHAI (the Authority) had resolved to augment the existing road from KM 39.100 to KM 49.810 (design chainage from KM 38.700 to KM 50.382) of NH-227 by four laning thereof and improve the existing road from KM 49.810 to KM 92.000 (design chainage from KM 50.382 to KM 98.433) of NH-227 by two laning thereof (total design length 59.733 km) onKallagam–Meensurutti section under NHDP Phase IV(BharatmalaPariyojana)in the State of Tamil Nadu on design, build operate and transfer (“Hybrid Annuity”) basis, which shall be partly financed by the Concessionaire who shall recover its investment and costs through payments to be made by the Authority, by the terms and conditions of the Concession Agreement.

Accordingly, the project site includes Improvements/development of the existing two-lane carriageway to a four-lane configuration from Design ChainageKm. 38.700 (Kallagam) to Km. 50.382 (Karuppur)and Two Laning from Design Chainage Km. 50+382 (Karuppur) to Km. 98+433 (Meensurutti) of NH-227.The total length of the package is 59.733 Km. The project road starts at Kallagam (KM 38.700) after Dalmiapuram and follows the existing alignment except at four major villages/hamlets vizKallagam in Tiruchirappalli district, and Melapalur, Keelapalur andJayamkondan in Ariyalur District, where it bypasses the existing establishments.

M/S Oriental Structural Engineers Pvt. Ltd. has promoted and incorporated M/s Kallagam – Meensurutti Highway Private Limited., a limited liability company as the Concessionaire to undertake and perform the obligations and exercise the rights of the selected bidder under the LOA for executing the project.  The Concession Agreement (CA) between the concessionaire and NHAI was signed on 24.04.2018.  The Concessionaire achieved Financial Closure (FC) on 18.09.2018.

The Concessionaire has appointed M/s Oriental Structural Engineers Pvt. Ltd as Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) Contractor and signed the EPC contract on 06.09.2018.

NHAI has appointed M/s K & J Projects Private Limited on 05.04.2019 as the independent Engineer (IE) to review drawings and documents; review, inspect, and monitor the Construction Works; conduct Tests on completion; issue Completion / Provisional Certificate; determine costs of any works or services; determine the extension of time, etc. in a fair, impartial and efficient manner with the highest standards of professional integrity and good industry practice.

NHAI has appointed M/s Chaitanya Projects Consultancy Pvt Ltd as a Safety Consultant for the Project from 16.052022.

Project Synopsis

General Information and Dates




Project Name


Four Laning of Kallagam – Karuppur from Km 38.700 to Km 50.382 & Two laning with Paved Shoulders from Karuppur – Meensurutti from Km. 50.382 to Km. 98.433 of NH-227 under BharatmalaPariyojana (Residual Projects under NHDP Phase IV) in the State of Tamil Nadu on DBOT Annuity or Hybrid Annuity Mode.



National Highways Authority of India.



Kallagam – Meensurutti Highway Private Limited

EPC Contractor


Oriental Structural Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

Independent Engineer


K & J Projects Private Limited

Safety Consultant


M/s Chaitanya Projects Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Date of Award (LOA)



Date of Signing the Concession Agreement



Date of Notice to Commence



Scheduled Date of Completion



Extension of Time – I – Days


100 Days by HQ, NHAI

Scheduled Date of Completion after EOT – I



Extension of Time – II – Days


90 Days due to  COVID-19 by PD, NHAI

Scheduled Date of Completion after EOT – II



Extension of Time – III – Days


90 Days due to COVID-19 by RO, NHAI

Scheduled Date of Completion after EOT – III



Construction Period


1010 Days

Concession Period


15 Years

Provisionally Completion Certificate – I for 45.550 Kms


Achieved on 19.10.2021 (Vide IE Let No 837, Dt 17.11.2021)

Provisionally Completion Certificate – II for 9.983 Kms


Achieved on 31.05.2022 (Vide IE Let No Jun-01, Dt 08.06.2022)

Provisionally Completion Certificate – III for 4.200 Kms


Achieved on 31.12.2022 (Submitted vide Let No 1193, Dt 31.12.2022)

Technical Features






As per CA


Start and End Chainage


38.700  to 98.433


Contract Length – Kilometers




Four Lane Length – Kilometers




Two Lane Length – Kilometers




Nos. of By-Passes




Total Length of By-Pass – Kilometers




By-Pass Length in 4 Lane Section – Kilometers




By-Pass Length in 2 Lane Section – Kilometers




Carriageway Width with Paved Shoulder (4 L / 2 L)


13.50 m / 10.00 m


Slip/Service Road Width (4 Lane / 2 Lane)


7.50 m / 5.50 m


Earthen Shoulder Width(4 Lane / 2 Lane)


2.00 m / 2.00 m


Type of Pavement


Rigid / Flexible


Length of Carriageway with Flexible Pavement – Kms




Length of Carriageway with Rigid Pavement – Kms




Length of Service Road with Rigid Pavement – Kms




Length of Reinforced Earth Wall – Kms




Length of RCC Drain with Footpath – Kms




Financial Data




Bid Project Cost (Rs. Cr)




Performance Security – % of Bid Project Cost




Mobilization Advance – % of Bid Project Cost




Bonus on Early Completion (More than 30 days)


0.50% of 60% of Bid Project Cost


A view of PD, PIU, Viluppuram, NHAI site Inspection along with IE & Concessionaire representatives
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PD, PIU, Viluppuram, NHAI inspects the Load Testing for ROB at Km. 39+449
PD, PIU, Viluppuram, NHAI inspects the Mastic over deck slab of ROB at Km. 39+449