People are our greatest strength we take pride in the success and achievements of our team. Exciting new challenges arise every day in the contemporary business world and we are confident in our Passionate and Vibrant teams to rise to the occasion and deliver the expected results thereby contributing to the upward growth of the company.


We envision attaining organizational excellence by developing and inspiring the true potential of OSE’s human capital and by providing opportunities for performance, growth, innovation and enrichment to our employees.


We commit to creating a culture where our team can perform, learn, be creative and align the priorities of the business with their own aspirations. We believe this will lead to the development of an empowered, responsive and competent team.


Recruitment, “‘Grow your own People”- We believe in the philosophy ‘Grow your own People ‘. We focus and encourage our internal Executive Trainee’ schemes such as GET, DET, Management Trainee, GT etc. with a clear objective of raising a cadre of homegrown professionals. We believe in hiring at junior and middle management levels so we may be able to develop leadership from within the company.

Leadership and Development, “Grow People”- It is our firm belief that OSE’s growth is attributed to its employees, who have grown and developed with the company. From the first day of employment, a lot of emphasis is put on integrating the employee with OSE’s culture and core values thru OSE’s induction program. A range of opportunities for further development is offered ranging from internal (job rotation, mentoring, classroom training etc.) and external developmental training.

Career developments, ‘Internal Mobility’ – We at Oriental try our best to steer the careers of our employees in a way such that different and improved career paths may be available to them in the future. This is done by either broadening the role of an employee, changing his role completely, participating actively in cross-functional projects or  promoting him within the business

Investing in our company’s culture, “organizational development”- We encourage teamwork, new technology and healthy lifestyles for all employees.

Rewards & Recognitions – We encourage a culture of rewards and recognition based on the delivery and performance of the employees.

Fairness and Equality- We encourage fairness, equality of opportunity and respect to all employees.

Empowerment – We believe in empowering employees and encouraging employees to take entrepreneurial initiatives.

If you are innovative, qualified, talented and work well within a team, OSEPL is the right company for you. OSEPL ensures individual career growth along with the growth of the company.
If you are interested to be a part of this wonderful team please mail your CV to